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Welcome to!

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31 mar 2006


I just found the new website of our illustrator. Isol lives in Buenos Aires and the last time we visited we bought some children's books of hers.

4 dec 2005

Google Adsense online

I've just added Google ads to a couple pages. It took quite a bit of fussing with the design, so I haven't finished updating all the pages.

Still in the process of finishing links, index and keywords. And I just started adding contributors.

23 nov 2005

Welcome to!

This is the new home of Wally's Dictionary of Argentine Colloquialism and Culture. After a long hiatus, Wally is back! I got enough enthusiastic emails that I finally couldn't keep my hands off any longer.

Special thanks to Kristina Ross for the new design of the website. She contributed the initial design, but I'm building out and maintaining the site. So if you have any problems, that's due to my inexpert hand.

After getting the dictionary transferred to the new site, I'll be incorporating all the contributions that I've gotten. As always, comments and contributions are very welcome, and now I'll do my best to put them up as soon as I can. Everything is not in order, but it's at least as good as the old site was, so I figured it's time to let 'er rip!

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